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Eviction Services

Fees and Costs

Christopherson Law Office, P.C. is pleased to offer legal services to property management companies and landlords needing to proceed with the eviction of a tenant in Flathead County.

A. For the flat rate of $300, plus the Flathead County Justice Court filing fee (currently $50.00) and the cost of service (varies by process server), we will provide the following services:

  1. Prepare Complaint for Possession;
  2. Prepare Summonses for up to two Defendant Tenants (additional Summonses will be prepared at the rate of $200 an hour);
  3. Prepare a Praecipe (Request for Service);
  4. Prepare a Request for Hearing, if it is required by the Court;
  5. File the Complaint for Possession with the Justice Court and have the Summons(-es) issued;
  6. Arrange for a Process Server to take the Complaint and Summons to be served on each Defendant; and
  7. Return the original Summons and Return of Service Affidavit to the Justice Court once received from the Process Server.

B. All legal work performed thereafter, such as representing the property management company or landlord at any hearings or preparing any necessary documents, such as a motion to dismiss, paperwork for entry of a default and default judgment, a Writ of Possession or Eviction Assistance, a Judgment and Order, or an Affidavit of Attorney Fees and Disbursements, will be performed at the rate of $200 per hour. 

Getting Started:

We require the following information and documentation in order to commence providing eviction services:*

  1. Property management companies wishing to file the eviction action in their own names must have an assignment from their client landlord, otherwise, the lawsuit must be filed in the name of the actual owner of the property from which the tenant is being evicted. So we will require either
    • a. A copy of the assignment; or
    • b. The owner’s legal name and contact information and their written authorization to proceed with the eviction on their behalf.
  2. Copy of Tenant(s) rental application (with social security number redacted);
  3. Copy of the rental agreement/lease;
  4. Copy of applicable written Notice(s) which relate to the reason for eviction;
  5. Copy of Proof(s) of Service;
  6. Copy of any other documentation relevant to the eviction, if any;
  7. Your written statement of any other facts that you deem relevant to the eviction, if any;
  8. In order to assist a Process Server in making service on the Tenant, please also provide the following information:
    • a. Tenant’s physical appearance (hair and eye color, age, race, height, weight, etc.);
    • b. Color, year, make, and model of the vehicle Tenant drives;
    • c. Tenant’s license plate number and state;
    • d. Tenant’s place of employment and work schedule; and
    • e. Any other information you believe will assist a Process Server in making service on the Tenant.
  9. Your company’s check in the amount of $500. This will cover the $300 in attorney fees for the services referenced in section A under Fees and Costs, plus the $50 filing fee and the estimated service fee(s).  If there is more than one Defendant Tenant, we may require a higher deposit.  We will bill you for any balance due, or alternatively, refund any excess deposit when the matter is concluded.
  10. If the Defendant Tenant files an answer such that it appears the matter will go to a hearing, we will require an additional advance on fees and costs in the sum of $2,000. These funds will be held in trust until earned. This is not a statement of the amount of the fees and costs for handling the entire eviction, but rather, only an advance on those fees and costs.  At this time, Christopherson Law Office and the property management company or landlord, whoever is the owner of the real property from which the tenant is being evicted, will enter into a written fee agreement explaining the scope of the representation in detail.  A sample fee agreement is available for review upon request.

*If Christopherson Law Office has to make more than two requests, either via email, telephone, or voice-mail, for documentation or information necessary to perform the work requested, that time will be billed at $200 an hour.